Area of expertise/Research interest

International Human Resources Development Strategy, Career Development, Workforce Education and Training, Youth Employment, Diversity Management, Mentoring

Educational Background

Master of Science: Personnel & Industrial Relations
The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (London, U.K.)
Master of Arts: Economics

The Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan)

Work Experience

April 2008–Present
Associate Professor, School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU), (Sanda, Hyogo, Japan)

◼ Courses developed and delivered

Lectures for undergraduate students:
“Career Development System of International Civil Servants”, “Global Career Design”, “Policy Research: Human resources Strategy and Career Development System in the Global Organizations”, “Successful Global Career” “Organizational Research”, “International Policy Seminar”, “International Institutions and Development Corporation”, “Introduction to the United Nations and Foreign Policy”

Lectures for graduate students:
“Research Project Seminar”, “Sustainable Development”, “Seminar in Global Diversity – Diversity in International Workplaces (classes conducted in English)”

◼ Coordinator of the International Cooperation Program at the KGU

2008 United Nations Student Volunteer Program Coordinator
2008 United Nations Seminar Coordinator
2014 – onward: Acting as the principal coordinator and playing a central role in the establishment and operation of the Faculty’s Global Career Program (GCaP), contributing to the internationalization of the faculty and the promotion of global human resources development.

Other practical courses delivered: “International Organization and Cultural Diversity”, “Business Presentation and Negotiation Skill”, “Life in Developing Countries and Security Matters”, “Practical Training for Job Interviews”

◼ Practical example of the education method

All up-to-date information in the field of international cooperation is in English, thus the various teaching materials used in classes are in English.

Organization of various field visits in Japan and abroad:
✓ JICA Kansai: The purpose is to deepen understanding of Japan’s development assistance activities through facility tours, discussions with staff, and JOCVs.
✓ Invited active Foreign Ministry officials to give lectures to the class with the aim of deepening their understanding of Japan’s foreign policy and the current status of international cooperation and issues.
✓ Company visits and factory tours, etc. to provide students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of corporate personnel systems and raise their awareness as members of society. Organized discussions with HR personnel and employees.
✓ Developed and implemented various international cooperation and international volunteer programs, e.g. UN Seminar, NY (2007 and 2008), volunteer work in the Philippines to provide educational assistance to street children and poor children at Smokey Mountain (annually since 2010).

UN Volunteer, Technical and Vocational Education and Training Team, Dep. Of Education, UNESCO, Headquarters (Paris, France)
✓ Performed a focal role in the development of UNESCO’s Guidelines for TVET Review, which provides directive principles and procedures for enabling UNESCO member countries to develop their own TVET systems.

Visiting Professor, School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University (Sanda, Hyogo, Japan) ,
✓ Developed and delivered lectures to undergraduate and graduate students on “Career as an Inter National Civil Servant” and “Successful Global Career practical training”.
✓ Planned, evaluated, and revised course content and course materials; coached students on public speaking and presentation skills.

Advisor to the President, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Multinational Development Bank (Manila, Philippines)
As the Advisor to the President, including to Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda, current President of Central Bank in Japan, and former ADB President, assisted in making timely decisions, particularly in defining and implementing strategies and directions for the institution, in addition to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of ADB’s operations and administration.
✓ Prepared and developed various draft speeches and articles in English, for the President.

Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Division, Budget, Personnel and Management Systems Department, Asian Development Bank (Manila, Philippines)
✓ Responsible for overall human resources management activities in worldwide offices, including recruitment and staffing, redeployment and promotion, and coaching of ADB staff in worldwide offices.
✓ Designed and coordinated various training and career development programs such as a mentoring program, career planning seminar, and presentation skills seminar.
✓ In charge of implementing the Young Professional Programs, Internship Program, and Induction Program for newcomers.
✓ Analyzed and modified the Bank’s HR policies and guidelines. ✓ Developed and conducted various surveys including training needs, skill mix, and employee satisfaction, and ensured these were reflected in the Bank’s processes and actions.
✓ Managed all exempt employee coaching, training and performance improvement actions.
Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Planning Division, Eli Lilly Japan, Eli Lilly & Company (Kobe, Japan)
✓ Responsible, as the first female HR professional staff member, for overall recruitment activities in the Japanese affiliate of a top U.S. pharmaceutical company (headquartered in Indianapolis, U.S.), with a focus on the recruitment and development of new graduates.
✓ In charge of planning and implementing the internship program and recruitment of international MBA graduates.
✓ Showed leadership in planning and coordinating various events and activities for new employees, including designing and implementing the induction program and training seminars.
✓ Selected as an awardee for “the President Award for 2000,” which was given to a high performer who had contributed to the company during the year.

External Collaborator, ILO, United Nations (Geneva, Switzerland)
✓ As a project member on a major ILO annual report, the “World Employment Report 1998/1999,” conducted research on the effectiveness of education and workforce training program systems in Japan and the U.K. and drafted background papers and research papers.

Other Activities

Social Contribution activities
✓ Jan 2013–Dec 2014: Policy-level discussion and advice: Hyogo Prefecture Economic and Employment Revitalization Plan Development Conference Committee – Worked as a member of Hyogo Prefecture Council to discuss and advise the government on how to promote youth employment in an aging society.
✓ January 2018: External Evaluation Committee member of Kobe International University’s Global Campus Initiative.

Other seminars and workshops
✓ Lecture on “FASID Human Resource Discovery and Development Course for International Organizations” commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Lectures to international applicants, reviewing and correcting resumes, and providing career advice (2013-2014).
✓ Lecture on “JPO Candidate Training” commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: For candidates scheduled to be dispatched to international organizations, reviewed and corrected resumes and cover letters, and conducted individual career consultations (2013-2014). ✓ Lecture at a private company: Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd. Tokushima Head Office:” Diversity Management: Issues that Companies Should Address,” 2010.

Recent publications/journals (selected English publications only)

✓ “Mentoring Undergraduate Students – International Trends and Prospects of Promoting Mentoring Efforts in Japanese Universities”, Higher Education Research, Kwansei Gakuin University (Ongoing – expected to be published in 2019)
✓ “The Development of India’s Higher Education Policy: Challenges toward the Realization of a Knowledge-Based Society”, Higher Education Research, Kwansei Gakuin University, No. 7, March 2017
✓ “Background Paper for the revision of the Guidelines for TVET”, March 2017, UNESCO, Paris
✓ “Empowering Women in Japanese Society: Challenges for Japan in realizing an inclusive society”, Human Capital Magazine, Singapore Human Resources Institute, pp. 26-29, January 2015, Singapore
✓ “Human Resources Development Initiatives in Singapore: Investing in Sustainable Global Competitiveness”, Social Policy Research, Kwansei Gakuin University, 46: 67-76, 201, June 2014
✓ “Recruitment and Training of New Graduates in UK Organizations: With some Implications for the Future Graduate Employment System in Japan”, Graduation thesis, the London School of Economics, March 1998
✓ Developed the following teaching materials in English:
UN Case Studies Series:
1. Understanding the Effectiveness of Mentoring Program – Theoretical Background and Analyzing Case Studies (October 2018)
2. Understanding UN Competencies and Performance Management System in the UN (July 2016)
3. Professional Development and Ethnic Conflict in the UN: A Case Study (May 2012)

Professional Certification

✓ Certified Global Career Development Facilitator (National Career Development Association, U.S.)
✓ Certificate in Distance Education for Development, Institute of Education, University of London (London, U.K.), 2001.6 – 2001.7